Murder Mystery Party in San Francisco
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How to Plan for Your Murder Mystery Party

Whether it’s a business function or a seasonal soiree, The Murder Mystery Company has the perfect party plotted for you, anywhere in the San Francisco area! We’ve got a killer selection of mystery themed shows, and our mystery experts can come right to your home or selected party venue, and turn it into a criminally fun crime scene your guest will love! A murder mystery party in San Francisco is the best way to spice up a less than thrilling event, and turn it into an unforgettable experience for each of your guests. Team up with the experts in mystery entertainment today for an evening of mystery, intrigue, and murder unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before!

You upcoming corporate event might be missing something, but The Murder Mystery Company has already solved that case, and what you need is some killer entertainment! Team up with the experts in mystery entertainment- let us worry about making your corporate event a murder mystery party San Francisco has never seen, with two hours of professional mystery entertainment your guests will love! You’ll be paired up with your very own Crime Scene Coordinator to make sure every detail is planned, so you can sit back and relax while we do all the work!

Speaking of work, our interactive mystery hows are perfect for office team building days as well! Our mystery experts will come right to your office and give your employees something to look forward to instead of boring icebreakers and tired out trust exercises. Immerse your employees in a Clue style mystery where critical thinking skills and teamwork are encouraged to gather all the clues to the crime and solve the mystery of whodunit! Your employees get a fun day and you get effective team building, all in one criminally fun murder mystery party in San Francisco!

Our murderously fun mystery shows are also a great way to create a unique and exciting fundraiser or charity event in the San Francisco area! Our immersive mystery shows are the perfect way to draw a crowd and support your good cause! Your personal on call Crime Scene Coordinator will help you plot your murder mystery party in San Francisco, so you don’t need to stress, just relax and let us do the work for you. Your charitable guests get a killer evening of entertainment, and you get a lucrative event for your charity or fundraiser! What’s not to love?

The Murder Mystery Company loves birthdays too! Nothing makes us happier than sharing some mystery, intrigue, and murder for your special birthday, and we’ve got awesome shows for every age group for kids, teens, and adults. You're sure to find a murderously fun theme to set your party, and your guests will have a blast dressing up for your birthday murder mystery party in San Francisco! Celebrate the upcoming birthday in your life with our mystery experts!