Murder Mystery Party in San Francisco
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San Francisco’s Experts in Mystery Entertainment

Transform your special events in San Francisco into an evening of mystery, intrigue, and murder your guests will never forget with a murder mystery party.

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Your private party can be the envy of the town when you team up with The Murder Mystery Company in San Francisco for an evening of mystery, intrigue, and murder. Our mystery experts will come right to your home or party venue and provide two hours of killer mystery entertainment you can't find anywhere else!

We’ve got so many mystery themed shows for you to choose from, the hardest part of planning your murder mystery party in San Francisco will be choosing just one. You don’t even have to do anything to prepare for your Clue style mystery, our on call Crime Scene Coordinators and performers will take care of it all, we just need your help solving the mystery!

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The Murder Mystery Company in San Francisco

When The Murder Mystery Company started, we never dreamed we’d be sharing our mysteries with the whole country, let alone the west coast! We’ve been working hard to bring murder mystery parties to San Francisco, so get ready to sleuth the night away at your upcoming event with our mystery experts. We love San Francisco!

The Best of the Best

When you start plotting a party with The Murder Mystery Company, you aren’t just getting a show. You are getting an entire company, working together to plan your event and bring you an immersive experience that each guest will walk away from with a unique experience. We have trained every one of our mystery experts here to make sure your murder mystery party in San Francisco is a guaranteed hit! Find out more about our process in the video below.

To find out more about the precision of our actor training, check out this video: